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All of the paintings shown on this website have been created by artist Pat Brahs. Reflection of Love, the painting shown here, gives you a view from her kitchen of her rose garden. Pat's late son Dale had asked each of the family members to bring Mom a rose bush for Mother's Day. And the family planted that rose garden on Mom's Day. Pat was so moved by this act that she paints a rose by her name on all her paintings.

Purchase Dump Those Peas by author Pat Brahs
In "Dump Those Peas", a rhyming, childrenīs picture book, Steve is determined not to eat peas. This book serves as an educational tool as the child trys to guess the rhyming work with each turn of the page. The illustrations are colorful and are of a comical nature designed to amuse the reader. The trick ending will surprise the reader and the listener.
Three more childrenīs books are in the works and will be published in the near future. And there are more ideas for childrenīs books in the creative mode. Exciting for the author!!

Title: USA001
Now is your chance to purchase this fine piece of artwork. Pat has once again captured a part of Americana!
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At this time, Pat has over 45 limited edition and giclee images and 10 open edition images available in her collection, and more to come. She has western, country, religious, humorous, victorian, animals, about England and nature images. It will be easy for you to find an image that will be just right for you or a friend. And find out how to go about starting your Pat Brahs' Collection.

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